8 Easy Steps to Create
a Great Sales Conversation

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You want to demonstrate your product at its best at all times. Even if your product hasn’t gone through all the testing stages or is still an MVP, your sales pitch has to be perfect. Preparation is essential to make it work no matter how talented you are.

We've compiled a few secret tricks to make a successful pitch in this article tested by thousands of sales leaders, CEOs, and teams around the globe.

Use these tips to turn your pitch from drab to fab. Let's go!

Be passionate about your product


No, we're not talking about Covid-19. Infect your audience with your love for the product and your passion. Show how awesome the product is through your pitch's energy and atmosphere. No one is interested in listening to a monotonous stream of benefits about a product they're hearing about for the first time. You have to show that your team is burning for their cause and fully immersed in it! If the secret of a perfect product presentation were only in a competent presentation of the features, then every company would be equally successful in its niche.

But it doesn't work like that!

Prove to the audience that you are in love with your business, make them see the product the way you see it, and fall in love with it! It might not seem like it, but this is an essential point for any presentation, be it a sales pitch or an investor pitch. You need to change your tone of voice, make pauses, and use public speaking techniques when talking to your prospects or investors.

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Know your audience

It is crucial to understand the person, team, or company you are presenting your product to. Personalize and adjust your speech to fit each specific audience's needs and address their individual pain points.

Earlier, we mentioned that preparation is essential. Well, preparation starts with knowing your customers. What do they want your product to solve? Which key feature in your product do they need most?

Focus on the needs and desires of the people who you are about to pitch to. If you can’t answer the questions we listed above, it doesn't matter how well you know your product.

Overconfident sales reps may neglect this point. Nevertheless, remember that the best salespeople always understand WHO they are talking to.

Explain the problem and give a solution

Instead of presenting the product’s benefits, dedicate your pitch to stating the problem and showing how your product solves it. If you did your preparation homework, you should know your audience well enough to do the following:

• Demonstrate that you understand the customer's problem and you've been in their shoes.
• Describe what the problem is and the difficulties associated with it.
• Give some typical solutions and show how your product blows these out of the water.

That’s it! You can convince customers that you need your product or service using these steps. Show them how it will make their life easier.

When done right, your customer base will grow in a blink of an eye. 

Use the rule of three

People absorb information better when it has some structure. One good rule for a successful presentation is the rule of three. Here’s how it works. First, define three problems your customers have, then present three concise points with solutions. Using this technique will allow you to bring three main arguments to make your pitch stand out from the crowd.

This way, you'll focus all your attention on the main things by emphasizing the three points. While many CEOs and salespeople build their pitch on just one crucial point, you'll be able to cover three at once to make three times the impact and win over the audience. 

Just try it.

Structure the presentation

Structure and order are key when making a great pitch. Order is for idiots; genius Can handle chaos. That is not the case when it comes to your business pitch.

Just look at how Apple or Samsung present their products. They make a great story and just like every good story, it has characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution.

Don’t make it boring — make it a story people want to hear.

Start with a hook that grabs attention. It can be a question to the audience, a relevant quote, or an original technique. Based on the client, think through what problems they care about. Give solutions. Convince the audience that your product is the best option. 

Your pitch must be structured and thought through if you want it to be a success.

Add social proof

Imagine that you are choosing between two chocolate bars. You find out that 500 people liked one of them. No one liked the other. Which of the two would you decide to buy? It’s a no-brainer, right?

That’s how social proof works. People encounter it every time they choose products or services. Social proof is when a simple block of product reviews, customer comments, or opinions impacts the decision-making process. 

When you use statistical data in your pitch, you're using social proof. This technique helps to build trust with your audience. By having justifiable social proof, you can prove to your audience that X number of users solved their problems using your product.

Show that your product is already solving people’s problems, and they love it!

Record your pitch and review it from a customer perspective

Only by seeing yourself from the outside can you understand how you are perceived by your listeners. This is the best way to analyze your mistakes and work on your weaknesses to make your pitch perfect.

Use PitchMonster to record your own pitch or analyze your colleague's pitches. Leave comments in the timeline so that you don't waste time describing mistakes verbally. That way you can give feedback in a convenient way.

Extra Step – Improve your pitch right now

Practice makes perfect,” as they say

It might be a cliche, but it’s true! Don’t wait! Create a remarkable pitch your audience will fall in love with. We've outlined some non-obvious tips to make your pitch better than everyone else's. All you have to do is apply these tips!

Only by making mistakes and analyzing them can you make your sales team better. With PitchMonster, you can leave feedback on sales reps' mistakes and communicate seamlessly to improve your pitch skills.

Prepare to pitch your business ideas. Try free.