Level up your sales coaching with advanced conversation AI and dedicated sales coach - image #1

Level up your sales coaching with advanced conversation AI and dedicated sales coach

Unlock full coaching potential for your team. Provide 360 feedback and scoring on every role-play with AI and dedicated sales coach. Turn your team into deal closing monsters.

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Improve sales readiness

Turn every flipped call, meeting, or presentation into a valuable experience. Take advantage of intelligent AI and a professional sales coach to review and score your role plays.




Increase in sales team performance

Opportunities booked

Win rate

How it works

How it works - image #1How it works - image #2

Create a sales role play scenario and assign it

Once a recording is uploaded our AI processes and analyses it

You or your sales coach receive AI scored recording for review

Submit feedback, sit back, relax and watch your win rates grow

Practice tough calls and objections

Level up your sales coaching with beter  1-1 sales training. Assign role-plays to your sales reps, review, provide feedback and watch them grow.

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Practice tough calls and objections - image #1
AI & Live Sales Coach - image#1

AI & Live Sales Coach

Use our conversation AI to capture crucial moments in your role-plays and get valuable score suggestions. Don’t have time for review? Use our live coach to review and feedback role-plays of your choice.

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Win more deals with conversation scenarios

Create custom role-plays with as many scenarios as you like or use pre-made templates. Take the toughest cases your best reps handled and practice them with the rest of the team.

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Win more deals with conversation scenarios - image#1
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Use templates to launch your sales role-play in seconds

Use our growing expert-backed template library to create and assign tasks within a few clicks. Customize pre-made templates and use them to your advantage.

PitchMonster helped us to decrease our onboarding time by 2 days. It also helped us to provide more personalized feedback to our reps and spend less time on meetings

Mary O.Sales Enablement specialist - image #1
Mary O.
Sales Enablement specialist

Great tool for role-play practice! Custom scenarios are just great for knowledge checks and objection handling drills.

Stephen A.Head of Sales

Simulation types

Depending on the type of simulation you want to run, various modules are available.

Simulation types - image #1

Video call simulation

Make sure your reps are ready for every video call. See how well your salespeople can handle customers during a video call.
Simulation types - image #2

Sales pitch recording

Train your sales reps to handle objections, simulate tough calls, and be prepared for any scenario.
Simulation types - image #3

Custom role-play exercise

Create non-standard or company-specific scenarios and practice them with the team. From simple drills to stress test calls and interviews, PitchMonster has it all.
Simulation types - image #4

Presentation simulation

Upload a presentation and ask your sales reps to present it. Create custom questions alongside to practice different conversation scenarios.

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For super small teams or your personal use. Train your speech and leave notes for improvement.

What’s included
  • 1 role-play task
  • 10 seats
  • 1GB AWS storage
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Team Premium

Add your team and assign tasks to handle objection, pitch new product or check sales script.

What’s included
  • All analytics features
  • Up to 5,000,000 tracked visits
  • Dedicated support
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Every plan includes

Task editor

Role-play scenario builder

Screen & camera recorder

Feedback module with rating and comments

5 expert-baked templates

Recordings archive

Handle conversations like never before

Reinforce your training program with conversation practice to deliver the industry best experience to your new and existing customers.

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