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Mid-Market B2B SaaS
“Been with them since day one. Love that team actively updating the product It fits our sales techstack and user interface is way more simple then role-play modules in LMS or Enablement platforms we checked before. Ready-made role-plays are saver for us since we lack time to generate training content”


Ramp time


booking rate from cold calls among newcomers
Sales Ops & Enablement Leader
“Exactly what enablement leaders need for onboarding and reinforcement. I recommend PitchMonster for enablers who are just building training & coaching systems or for companies who struggle with learning engagement in sales deps. Role-plays with AI-driven feedback quick to do exercise to make reps are not practicing on customers”

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B2B Lead Generation Service & B2B SaaS
“We have 100+ SDRs and this training system is such a good deal. We were asking to record remote role-plays with Loom or do it live with Zoom Meet etc. PitchMonster gave our reps the opportunity to learn new techniques and make mistakes doing remote role-plays. And I need to mention their read-made practice. This is a no-brainer tool for frontliners”

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booking rate from cold calls among newcomers

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