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Sales role-play doesn’t have to be boring and sound like robot. Let your reps practice without slow and complicated bot responses and leverage AI where it matters the most

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Role-play transcript
Sentiment analysis
Filler words usage
Online role-play practice
Custom role-play scenarios
Powered by open AI
Vocabulary analysis
Winning behaviour tracker AI
AI Feedback and scoring
Interactive leaderboard
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Up to 47% Faster Ramp-up Time

Automate your feedback process, get detailed AI analysis of every role play, and focus on delivering effective 1-on-1 coaching to drive sales performance and pipeline growth.

+28% Is The Average  Win Rate Increase 3 Month After Adopting PitchMonster

Track the critical moments of every role-play and make sure you're leaving no stone unturned.

Get actionable insights into your sales interactions, such as if the price was discussed or next steps were established, and stay on top of your sales playbook.

Get Your New Reps Up to Speed Faster

Give your sales reps space for mistakes.
Evaluate pitch effectiveness, engagement, and objection handling to identify areas for improvement. Correct and reinforce key sales behaviors before going live.

Improve sales readiness

Turn every flipped call, meeting, or presentation into a valuable experience. Take out all the guesswork and make your reps ready for every call.


Average increase in sales team performance


More opportunities booked


Average win rate increase

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Boost engagement and encourage growth


Make sales reps with the highest role-play score stand out and encourage others to beat it.

Skill practice

Get 48 ready to use role-play scenarios covering sales pitch skills, customer discovery practice, objection handling & more.


Allow your sales reps to review AI improvement suggestions and rework their mistakes while waiting for feedback
Mid-Market B2B SaaS
“Been with them since day one. Love that team actively updating the product It fits our sales techstack and user interface is way more simple then role-play modules in LMS or Enablement platforms we checked before. Ready-made role-plays are saver for us since we lack time to generate training content”


Ramp time


booking rate from cold calls among newcomers
Sales Ops & Enablement Leader
“Exactly what enablement leaders need for onboarding and reinforcement. I recommend PitchMonster for enablers who are just building training & coaching systems or for companies who struggle with learning engagement in sales deps. Role-plays with AI-driven feedback quick to do exercise to make reps are not practicing on customers”

13 Referrals

B2B Lead Generation Service & B2B SaaS
“We have 100+ SDRs and this training system is such a good deal. We were asking to record remote role-plays with Loom or do it live with Zoom Meet etc. PitchMonster gave our reps the opportunity to learn new techniques and make mistakes doing remote role-plays. And I need to mention their read-made practice. This is a no-brainer tool for frontliners”

by 11%

Increased booking rates

up to 20 h

booking rate from cold calls among newcomers

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