Role-play for hiring

Automate your
hiring pipeline

Hire best talents effortlessly. Assign a role-play practice and assess best scored candidates without spending time on long, ineffective meetings.
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Everything you need to build a winning team

Let AI do all the heavy-lifting for you

Automate your role-play process with AI. can significantly reduce the time and effort required by hiring managers, leading to faster decision-making and lower hiring costs.
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Make better hiring decisions

Evaluate the candidate's research capabilities, questioning skills, sales process adherence and understanding, coachability, and more. Select the best-fit candidates to close your position based on actual skills.

Hire better candidates

Companies that used role-play scenarios in their hiring process saw a 29% increase in successful candidate selection. This helps you build a stronger sales team from the get-go, maximizing your company's growth potential.

Hire best talents

Add role-plays to your hiring mix to spot top talent, get 'em up to speed faster, and crush those sales targets.


Increase in successful candidate selection


Faster onboarding process


Higher average sales performance

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Mid-Market B2B SaaS
“Been with them since day one. Love that team actively updating the product It fits our sales techstack and user interface is way more simple then role-play modules in LMS or Enablement platforms we checked before. Ready-made role-plays are saver for us since we lack time to generate training content”


Ramp time


booking rate from cold calls among newcomers
Sales Ops & Enablement Leader
“Exactly what enablement leaders need for onboarding and reinforcement. I recommend PitchMonster for enablers who are just building training & coaching systems or for companies who struggle with learning engagement in sales deps. Role-plays with AI-driven feedback quick to do exercise to make reps are not practicing on customers”

13 Referrals

B2B Lead Generation Service & B2B SaaS
“We have 100+ SDRs and this training system is such a good deal. We were asking to record remote role-plays with Loom or do it live with Zoom Meet etc. PitchMonster gave our reps the opportunity to learn new techniques and make mistakes doing remote role-plays. And I need to mention their read-made practice. This is a no-brainer tool for frontliners”

by 11%

Increased booking rates

up to 20 h

booking rate from cold calls among newcomers

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